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The Trade Speakeasy is a professional-level options trading educational suite for the beginner to the most advanced options trader, specifically teaching options mathematics to help structure and execute precise strategies that can be profitable in each day’s unique market dynamics.

Trade Speakeasy Rooms

Room to learn, room to grow your trading skills.

Trade Speakeasy courses are divided into specific learning rooms which allow users to grow at their own pace and level of experience:

Jade Lizard Room is the starting point for those with some trading experience looking to ease their journey in options, analyzing foundational trade strategies, the options Greeks and the fundamental aspects of options entries and exits. 

In the Dragonfly Room you will find content for those confident with the options basics, long and short calls and puts, straddles, strangles and their variations. 

The Butterfly Room takes trading agility to the next level.

Through the Peacock Room, enter the world of time spreads.

In the Fibonacci Room, an introduction to the world of indicators and their individual purposes.

The Firefly Room advances charting skills.

Podcasts, video chats and Q&A sessions at Trade Speakeasy

Strategy. Charting. Analysis. It all starts here.

At the Trade Speakeasy, we hold regular podcasts, video chats and Q&A sessions that are available to access separately from our courses as well as included in courses. We make options trading education accessible for students from all over the world covering a wide range of strategies for regular income, growing your IRA or trading account, and minimizing loss. We cover options trading strategies both on a practical and theoretical level, while building a solid background in technicals, charting and risk mitigation.

What started with worries about my finances turned into building blocks for my future, and my children’s future.” 

Suzanne Noukahoua – Founder, Trade Speakeasy

Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak.

When I first became a widow I thought the stress of organizing my financial future would drive me to utter madness. I knew how to trade, but I lacked the confidence to scale my trading.

Most trading courses I took taught the same basics of price action trading, they were slim on trade management, risk management and how to steadily grow not only a day trading account but a more robust long-term account. Many taught buy and hold strategies that required a significant amount of extra monthly income, which maternity leave doesn’t provide; or they taught strategies that required both a drunk mind and blind faith, neither of which sat well with this widow and mother of two.  

At that point I knew I could trade, but to make it my living was another question entirely, so I did what I knew how to do best; study! I finished law school in two years from an Ivy League level institute with top grades, I was sure I could devour this data and find at least a few strategies that would click for me.

Instead of one strategy clicking, they all started to click, as they were all interrelated, like building blocks. 

“Suzanne’s teaching is masterful.”

She clarifies everything from big picture thinking to the most granular … She provides a wealth of information and strategies to help her students think with nuance.”
Speakeasy Member

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