Morning Update

This last Week/Weekend was massive and CrayZayZay! (Read with a Comedic Tone…)

Russia Oil Embargo what?! (but not Gas, so Germany is spared a total implosion). Shanghai Ports, they still exist, only in our minds’ eye because strictions are getting tighter!?!

Since FOMC didn’t get bend over the table quite enough, this week Fed Members from all across the US are going to play Wack-A-Mole and pop up whenever we might breath to go in for the Stock Market Jugular.

Good news, the USDollar isn’t exploding at a vertical rate, oh, sure, we still might throw every weaker currency into the Abyss of Dante’s Market Inferno, while the US Dollar is still BURNIN’ HOT HOT!  

Now Brazil is a great commodity producing country, so they’ll be okay? NOPE, because they import almost ALL their fertilizer from Russia, and Potash is now embargoed.  So Brazil has one more planting season until who knows what they decide to do…  besides drive a huge portion of the world into Food Insecurity.  Whoops, Russia’s Bad.

Energy is still seeming like a problem.  Oh yeah, that… Problem.

And now that we’re bathing in the Red Sea of ‘I Hope You Got Married Puts or Covered Calls’ on Evvvvery Ting Ting.

I’ll send out some SPY and SPX Open Interest Targets, SKEW, Gamma, Vega and Whatever other random Greek I decide sounds good in the smattering of Drop It Likes It Hot… Wop Wop… And Lean… Wop Wop.

Morning Update – May 9th, 2022

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