Morning Update

China and Russia agree to buy / Sell Russian Gas with Ruble and Yuan.  

Germany has filled gas/oil storage for the winter in spite of Russia closing North Stream for an indefinite period. 

Russia and Ukraine fighting in and around one of the largest nuclear factors without incidents proves safety measures on nuclear facilities have improved astronomically since the 60s. 

US has extended the life of 3 nuclear facilities to 100 years.  France has started implementing reactor waste recycling to reuse the plutonium from the old cores.  So metals like Uranium are a great LONG hold. 

Drought is severely hampering agriculture and so now we’re seeing a squeeze in DBA, the Agro ETF. 

The ECB’s unwillingness to forecast a sharper decline in output coupled with the strong upward revision to its 2023 inflation forecast to 5.5% from 3.5% prior sent a message to market participants that they’re serious about quashing inflation. 

And now we’re in full Quantitative Tightening so we will see how this affects banking and USD liquidity, and overnight markets.

Morning Update – September 9th, 2022

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