What started with worries about my finances turned into building blocks for my future, and my children’s future.

I did this. And so can you.

The Trade Speakeasy is where you come to offload your troubles, worries and stresses. Where you can interact with and learn from like-minded peers. When I first became a widow I thought the stress of organizing my financial future would drive me to utter madness. Though I knew how to trade, I lacked the confidence to scale my trading to replace my late husband’s income. However, that reality was a necessity not just a philosophical hope. If I ever hoped to keep my young children cared for in a safe environment I’d need to swiftly transition from a breastfeeding mother of a toddler and infant on maternity leave to a market-savvy trader.

Suzanne and team

Most trading courses I took taught the same basics of price action trading: they were slim on trade management, risk management and how to steadily grow not only a day trading account but a more robust long-term account. Many taught buy and hold strategies that required a significant amount of extra monthly income, which maternity leave doesn’t provide, or they taught strategies that required both a drunk mind and blind faith, neither of which sat well with this widow and mother of two.

At that point I knew I could trade, but to make it my living was another question, so I did what I knew how to do best, STUDY! I finished law school in 2 years from an Ivy League level institute with top grades, so I was sure I could devour this data and find at least a few strategies that would click for me.

Building Blocks

Instead of one strategy clicking, they all started to click, as they were all interrelated, like building blocks. I started to turn my knowledge into bedtime stories for my children which forced me to truly break down the mechanics of each strategy into simple language a two and four-year-old could understand. This exercise was not at all futile; it allowed me to truly understand the detailed mechanics of how the strategies I teach work, and this gave me an opportunity to help other traders master the same strategies.

The other reality is that as a widow I had no ‘funny money.’ I had cash I needed to get working, but it also meant I didn’t have the benefit of blowing up accounts or losing my own money. I had children to care for and plan a life for, and losing our small family’s money was NOT in the cards for us. Many traders and teachers like to use bravado and ego to teach strategies, but I don’t have time for any of that nonsense! I only have time for being repetitively successful, and not revenge trading my way to a gambling habit of blowing up accounts, funds, and grocery money. Therefore my style of teaching and my drive to teach mechanics from the ground up were born out of that sense of necessity and care. I truly felt like every dollar I earned opened a door for my children and every dollar I lost unwisely was a future opportunity stolen from them.

I do trade intentionally, and passionately, because that is the core of my personality. However I do teach how to be cautious, manage your trades, and efficiently grow your trade account.

Welcome to the Trade Speakeasy. Let’s get started!

The story behind the Trade Speakeasy

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