Zion Williamson’s contract clause regarding his weight has a lot of people “weighing in” with their thoughts.  Following Zion’s foot operation and weight gain, everyone was rightly worried and frustrated, and everyone benefits the most from the longevity of Zion’s basketball career at the Pelicans.  Now, I accept, I don’t know enough about sports contracts, or sports performance; what I do know is trading and trading education.

One of the greatest missteps most people make when they’re entering the world of trading is that they don’t ask high-priced educators to show proof of concept, so these educators don’t have an incentive to get a student “weigh-in” on progress or success.

At the Trade Speakeasy, we try to focus on trading strategies that those with even a $500 cash account could use to be successful, and our teachers are always accessible and available.  Not the secretary, not my mom, not my dad, not a strange man experiencing homelessness in a random city.  

We are always available, and this is a priceless piece of the Trade Speakeasy because that is what I lacked when I started trading under other teachers.  Even though I’m the owner and founder I give my students the ability to talk to me directly, ask questions directly, or correspond with me on telegram openly. 

Zion Williamson put himself in a position of serious accountability, the moment he moves above the acceptable weight range of his weight-in clause, he will start seeing the effects on his income.  Some criticized him for accepting the clause, and others criticized The Pelicans for exposing him to the possible risk of income depreciation if he were to move teams.  However, overall Zion Williamson is taking a short-term punishment for a priceless reward, his long-term physical and performance health.

When I started the Trade Speakeasy many wanted to join me at the helm until they understood I would be a ‘naked’ or ‘exposed’ educator.  I would be available, myself.  I would make my trades known, and I would aim to help new students in each Cohort scale very small accounts that could not cope with too many missteps in their trading. 

Since I make myself directly available to students I don’t have an off-season, if the market is up, down, whiplashing, or sideways, I’m there.  Sadly this is not something most students demand of trading educators, though I think they should.  I would!

The end of the story is this, Zion Williamson is focused on creating the right environment that will foster an environment for high performance, so now I ask you if that is what you’re requiring from your stock and options trading educators.  If not, why?



The Weight Clause of an NBA Star’s Contract

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