It’s so gratifying to me to hear what people are saying about Trade Speakeasy online classes, I thought I would share some with you …

“The class was great. One of my favorites, I had a lot of light bulbs go off today. I can see how using volume profile, and then looking for confirmation on the option chain makes sense. But also all those little points, like what short covering LOOKS like and how to see that as it’s happening…. I could go on, this was super informative and I’m looking forward to watching the replay. I took good notes, but… there was A LOT!”

“Suzanne’s teaching is masterful. She clarifies everything from big picture thinking to the most granular. This means she synthesizes large time frame charting, sector rotation and seasonality with small time frames, volume analysis, in-depth indicator reading, all the way down to time in sales tape reading. She provides a wealth of information and strategies to help her students think with nuance.

Above that, she takes time to explain and answer questions. It is clear that she genuinely cares about the success of her students. She is a wonderful person to learn from because she doesn’t only possess an expansive wealth of knowledge, she is determined to share it in a caring and supportive way.”

“I thought I understood the Greeks enough in relation to options trading. Suzanne’s lesson on the Greeks showed how individually they may seem simple but how they work together makes them more complex. Understanding this complexity has allowed me to discern option contract strike and pricing no matter what options strategy I may be using . Thank you Suzanne!”

“Your trading classes have been very informative and helpful for a beginner like me. I especially enjoyed the technical analysis classes. Your detailed explanations on why and how to use such indicators like the MacD, RSI (and others) correctly for better entries/exits was a real eye-opener. Thank you so much for sharing your trading knowledge with us!”

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