For the first time, EVER, the World Cup will be in the Middle East and it will be over Winter!And though it might seem irrelevant to traders, and those who are huddled around watching these qualifying rounds, I promise for every marketing team associated with the World Cup this was not business as usual.

World sporting events are some of the best national and international advertising opportunities for global corporations. Historically we’ve seen some of the biggest names come out as sponsors, as the world gathers around the summer sporting event.

Companies that tend to have poorer returns in the fall, can benefit from the global attention to their brand during the World Cup. However, if the World Cup is from November 21st through December 19th, it will be interesting to see if the top five sponsors of FIFA sponsors will have stronger financial performance towards the end of 2022.

Below are the seasonality charts of the top four FIFA Sponsors, so let’s see if the World Cup truly impacts their bottom line.

World Cup, New Seasons, New Marketing Ploys

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