When a baby is born a mother will most often carry, love, cherish and nurture the vulnerable soul; and as that child ages, it may one day be the baby’s turn to care for the mother.  No one knows how their parents will age, but many age in a manner that causes pain, confusion, and deep emotional or mental suffering.

We all hope and pray that our parents or elders do not meet a late-life season of suffering, but we have very little control over that matter. Trade Speakeasy Member Cheryl found herself with just such a conundrum; her aging mother was being cared for at a Medicare and Medicaid supported facility which turned out to be abusing her mother. Out of shock, anger, and brokenness, Cheryl immediately transitioned her mother into a private facility that was nearing the tune of $9,000 a month.  

As a veterinarian, Cheryl was alone to cover the costs, and began exploring methods to create extra monthly income to keep her mother safely cared for. About a year ago Cheryl began trading, and meeting privately with the founder of the Speakeasy and other trading friends to try and generate the monthly cost of her mother’s care.

For many months Cheryl was able to achieve her monthly goal, but as markets in late 2021 began to move more rapidly with wider whiplashing, Cheryl was fielding potential losses, and was taking out cash faster than it was coming in through trading. Eventually at the start of 2022 Cheryl’s account was down to just under $8.00, and though the situation seemed hilariously unreal, Cheryl was determined to compound her gains and keep moving forward. Less than 3 months later she had banked over 16,000% returns…

Watch our video chat at Trade Speakeasy to find out what strategies Cheryl used to turn what could have seemed like an absolutely hopeless situation into one of hopefulness…

“3 strategies that helped me flip my account 16,000% in under 3 months.”

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