Ken’s story is nothing short of a miracle, covered in a drive, tenacity, and purposefulness that stands to encourage any parent, any outsider, any trader, and last but not least any underdog.

In Ken’s youth, he sought excitement, danger, and mischief; though youthful struggles often end in humorous stories, Ken’s did not. As Ken grew older his need for a mental challenge and excitement led him to a wrap sheet of over thirteen felonies, all connected to financial crimes. But, I’ll let him unravel the details for himself in the interview.  

After serving a short prison sentence, Ken was determined to change his life, by any (legal) means necessary. Ken started rebuilding his life working his way up through a local Red Lobster, then by starting his own photography business, which finally led him to video production and trading. Ken’s ability to grow a start-up to a six-figure business, and become a profitable trader, made him a perfect model of how:  Financial Literacy Fights Recidivism.

Ken’s story makes it explicitly clear that there are astronomical hurdles for young men coming out of the prison system, a desperate need for great mental health support for those aiming to change their lives, and the restorative nature religious communities can offer society’s most vulnerable, but how at the end of all that financial literacy can help make the difference between a young person flourishing after a legal blemish, or remain under the overwhelming burden of aimlessness, which most often leads to re-offending.

Join us at the Trade Speakeasy, to watch our interview with Mastermind Producitions CEO and Founder Ken Branson. 

Financial Literacy Fights Recidivism

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